Argentina Treasury & FX Update

Report date: 
25 Jul 2022


Argentina never fails to provide a lively discussion. There seems to be a never ending supply of challenges, and we always find new angles.

The main challenge continues to be FX, with the steady, ongoing depreciation of the currency, while hedging remains expensive and difficult to obtain. The new feature this time was the way the authorities will penalise companies who use the alternatives which enable them to get round some of the issues, such as the blue-chip swaps (Contado con liqui) or borrowing to settle import invoices. In both cases, companies can find themselves barred from participating in the FX market for six months.

Interestingly, some people are using crypto currencies, or looking at doing so. While this clearly does not comply with the spirit of the regulations, it does not seem to violate any actual rule, and so should not trigger a six month trading ban, should the authorities take exception to them.

The discussion focused a lot on accounting:

  • The high rate of inflation imposes the use of hyperinflation accounting under IRFS – this involves recording gains and losses on monetary assets and liabilities in the I&E. That is a big problem for companies with large amounts of trapped cash.
  • There was some discussion around avoiding this by investing in non monetary items, such as real estate, or avoiding putting a due date on intercompany loans – this can get them treated as equity.
  • One participant felt that using the spot rate for accounting, as required by the rules, was......please sign in to continue
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This report was produced by Monie Lindsey based on a Treasury Peer Call chaired by Damian Glendinning

Topics covered in this report: 
FX, Hedging FX, Cash Repatriation, Funding, Inflation, Investments, Intercompany invoices, Blue chip swap, Contado con Liqui, Crypto currency
Service providers discussed in this report: 
Citi, BBVA, Santander

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