CXC for Corporate Treasurers

  • Any treasurer who understands the value of their personal peer network will appreciate CXCs approach.
  • We provide peer group sourced, candid and unbiased experiential knowledge that you can use to benchmark processes and formulate approaches to treasury challenges in your company.
  • For each specialist topic we cover, we recruit a peer group of senior corporate treasury practitioners representing MNCs from multiple countries. They all have direct experience in and responsibility for the country or treasury process in question.
  • We convene expert-led, confidential peer discussions in which the specialist peers compare their approaches to the given challenge and answer each other's and our expert chair's questions.
  • We synthesise their knowledge into reports which give detailed insight into the different practical approaches that treasurers take to the country or process discussed.
  • For each report we produce a commentary comprising the essential takeaways. You can access these for free by signing in with this website.

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  • If you have expert experience in a country or topic, participating in our discussions allows you to benchmark your knowledge with an expert peer group, learn from them and validate / improve your understanding / process.
  • Our Treasury Peer Calls are strictly confidential with the Chatham House Rule applying (participants agree to keep the names and affiliations of other participants confidential) - the full terms are conditions for taking part in our calls can be read here.

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